Contact:  If you have questions during your roofing project, you can contact Bret Foster Roofing, Inc., at 972.564.4480 or you can call the cell number of our estimator
who is overseeing your job.

Sign:  While we are working on your roofing project, we would like to put a company sign in your yard. This is done because we are proud of our work.

Shingles:  When the materials are delivered to your project, there may be two types of shingles: the main type of shingle that you selected, such as 20 year, 30 year, 40 year, etc., and the starter shingles which can be 3-tab shingles or starter shingles.

Air Conditioning Lines and Wiring:  Air conditioning lines and wiring in the attic should not be run between rafters and decking, attached to the decking, or in the case of a house that has wood shingles or formerly had wood shingles, run in the spaces between the lath over the rafters.  We cannot be responsible for wiring or lines that have been run in these manners.

Tear-off:  When tearing-off wood shingles, some debris will fall between the laths into the attic.  If you have items stored in the attic or are concerned with the debris that will fall into the attic, it would be best to cover these items.

Trees:  When working on your roof, trees may need to be trimmed back to where we can work.  We will also trim them back to where they are not touching the roof so that there is less likelihood of damage from the limbs scraping the shingles. You may prefer to have a professional trim the trees prior to the beginning of the roofing project.

Solar Panels:  We are not responsible for removal and replacement of solar panels.

Gutters:  Sometimes gutters will need to be removed for the installation of a new roof. We will replace gutters to the best of our ability. We are not responsible for the condition of rusted gutters. The removal and re-installation of the gutters may cause stress at corners and/or seams.  We are not responsible for any leaking from this stress. Although, we will replace gutter screens, if their condition allows replacement, we are not responsible for the condition of the gutter screens.

TV Antennae and Satellite Dishes:  We will reinstall TV antennae, up to ten feet tall and satellite dishes in the general position that we find them. However, we are not responsible for realignment or readjustment of the antennae or dishes.

Vents: At the end of each day and after your roofing project, vent pipes, such as water heater and furnace vents, need to be checked to be sure that they are exhausting properly. Let us know if you need help with this.

Left-Over Material:  Unless agreed upon otherwise, our projects are quoted on a “turn-key” basis. Sometimes, the jobs are ordered long to make sure that we have enough material to complete the job with as little down time as possible. All left over material is property of Bret Foster Roofing, Inc., unless other arrangements have been made.